Poutine Bar

Amazing poutine deep fried on location with our food trucks. Fresh curd and a meat gravy. Your choice of 5 toppings not including the gravy and curd. Contact us for available toppings.
$9.75 per person

Nacho Bar

With hot jalapeno cheese sauce and salsa. Your choice of 5 additional toppings contact us for details.
$7.75per person

Slider's Bar

Your choice of beef, chicken or pulled pork. Served with buns, condiments and french fries.
$10.50 per person

Mexican Taco Bar

Your choice of soft or hot shells. Served with a perfectly seasoned ground beef and many sides to choose from.
$7.75 per person

Late night poutine

Deep fried French fries with fresh cheese curd and a meat gravy.
$7.75 per person

Gourmet grilled cheese bar

Your choice of how you want it. Many different styles available contact us for details.
$8.75 per person

 All late night options are deep fried on locations. Inquire for details limited spaces available during summer months.